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7 Reasons Why The Remote Training Collar Is A Must For Your Furry Friend 🐶

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7 Reasons Why The Remote Training Collar Is A Must For Your Furry Friend 🐶

It’s not about wanting your dog to learn new tricks. ⚽  You want them to behave in a good manner by removing undesirable behaviours. Whether your pup has a history of incessant barking, chewing valuable objects, chasing people at the fence, or simply not obeying your commands, there’s a training method to help solve that.


What are dog training collars?

Also known as e-collars, dog training collars use a remote controlled correction to help them distinguish between correct and incorrect behaviour. To some pet owners, this seems a bit harsh. However, many professional trainers prefer this method as the fastest and easiest way to break undesirable habits.


Why choose a remote training collar?

1. They are the fastest way to train your dog

It takes time for your pet to trust a strange human. Puppy school can go on for months. Remote training collars are proven to be successful in over 90% of cases. For most behaviours, you can expect to see results in as little as 2-3 weeks with a remote training collar.


2. They are convenient and can be used from home

Unlike most dog obedience schools, a remote training collar doesn't require your dog to be tethered to a leash. Off-leash training allows your dog to learn new behaviours in their natural environment. Forget being distracted by other dogs at group training sessions. a remote training collar allows you to train your dog in your own home or backyard!


3. They can reach your dog from long distances

Collars such as the Advanced Remote Training Collar are capable of controlling your dog within an 800 yard radius. Excellent for hunting dogs and for use on large blocks of land. Could you imagine trying to teach your dog something from across a field? Only a remote training collar will allow you to achieve this.


4. They are a safe

Many people believe training collars are cruel and may harm your dog. The 'static' zap given by a training collar can be adjusted. At it's lowest level, think of it like the zap you get when you jump out of a car or shake someones hand. Most customers advise us that they don't even need to use the zap mode, and that the vibrate feature is enough - even for the most stubborn of dog.


5. They provide instant feedback

For a remote training collar to work effectively, correction needs to be provided  immediately so your dog knows what behaviour to associate with the correction. A remote training collar allows you to be inside, while training your dog who is outside or in another room.

In other training methods, it’s nearly impossible to give feedback at the right time. Using the Remote Training Collar, with just the push of a button, the remote control communicates with the collar, providing fast and effective training. Furthermore, it’s designed to allow the control of two dogs in just one remote control.


Pet Outlet - Advanced Remote Training Collar
6. They have multiple functions

A remote controlled collar has a unique feature that lets you send three different signal types to your canine companion. You can gradually teach your dog to stop unwanted behaviors by sending (a) a beeping sound, (b) a vibration, or (c) a static correction. Your dog then equates these signals with the unwanted behavior and learns to stop. Some collars such as the Remote + Automatic Barking Collar feature an automatic barking mode - meaning training can occur while you are away.


7. They are the cheapest way to train your dog

Some professional dog trainers charge upwards of $30 per session. Over 6 months of training, fees can easily exceed $700. A remote controlled training collar is a cost effective way to train your dog. Plus, if your dog ever starts displaying unwanted behaviors again, your remote training collar will always be handy.


Are there alternatives to a remote training collar?

Collars like the Rechargeable Automatic Barking Collar are designed specifically for dogs with problem barking. These collars work automatically, and provide the fastest results when training a dog to stop barking.

There are even collars designed to stop your dog from leaving your yard! Great for yards without a fence, or for little escape-artists love to dig - the Dog Boundary Fence is a proven system that can save thousands on expensive fencing.

There are countless models of training collars available on the market. Pet Outlet only selects collars that are proven to work. That's why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don't like your product, send it back for a full refund - no questions asked! 🐾


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